Tikkun Leil Shavuot & Festival Services

We are proud to join with our local partners Congregation Beth Israel, Temple Beth Shalom, and Congregation Shir Ami to bring you an engaging evening of learning. The gathering will begin at 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 4th and learning will continue through the night. Limited ways to participate virtually will be available. Check out a schedule of classes below. More details and course descriptions coming soon. Check back often for updates!

Classes held in our Sanctuary will streamed on Zoom so folks can participate remotely. Source sheets have been included with those class listings when appropriate.

Looking for links to stream festival services? Please click here.

Saturday, June 4th

8:30 PM

(Sanctuary) Receiving Torah: Homegrown in AustinPresentations by CAA, CBI, and TBS

9:30 PM

(History Room) Dirshuni: Modern Israeli Women Speaking the Language of Traditional MidrashCathy Schechter

(Social Hall C) The Hidden Lessons of Relationship in Vayikra (Leviticus) 1-18Rabbi Alan Freedman

(Sanctuary) Climate Action and AwarenessPresenter TBASource Sheet

(Chapel) Yizkor: Decentering Privilege and Centering ChesedBen Raker Ehrenfeld

10:30 PM

(Social Hall C) Vshinantam l’vanecha: Our Obligation to Educate the Next GenerationRabbi Ellie Steinman

(Sanctuary) Love after Grief: Redemption, Levirate Marriage, and The Book of RuthRabbi Rebecca ReiceSource Sheet

(Chapel) Song CircleArielle Levin

11:30 PM

(Social Hall C) Five Books, Five SensesRebecca Raphael

(Sanctuary) More is Expected of HumansAnita Lavie

(Chapel) Moshe in MidrashDavid Reifler & Dr. Harvey Raben

Sunday, June 5th

12:30 AM

(Social Hall C) TzitzitDave Kaplan

(Sanctuary) Public Safety and Public ResponsibilityRina SadunSource Sheet

(Chapel) To Acquire an Ally? Buy a Buddy?Sam Rosenstein

1:30 AM

(Social Hall C) Jewish Ritual Boxes (Bring a shoebox to decorate!) – Stacey Glazer

(Sanctuary) The Sarajevo Haggadah: A Book’s ExodusLeo BelloSource Sheet

(Chapel) Saying “Gay”: What Queerness Does to TorahRabbinic Intern Alex Friedman

2:30 AM

(Social Hall C) Jewish Ritual Boxes (Bring a shoebox to decorate!) – Stacey Glazer

(Sanctuary) Was the Garden of Eden a Vegan Paradise?Eli Winkelman

(Chapel) Death Positivity, Jewish Style: The Therapeutic Aspects of Ancient and Modern End-of-Life Practices Gail Tosto

3:30 AM

(Social Hall C) Fruits from Paradise: Learning Stories of the Zohar HevrayaRabbi Neil F. Blumofe

4:30 AM

(Social Hall C) Movement as MidrashRabbi Gail Swedroe

5:30 AM

(Social Hall C) Embodied Torah: Align yourself with G-d in Body, Mind , and Spirit (a moving experience)Bobbie Nehman

6:13 AM

Sunday, June 5th

9:30 AM

Festival Services – CAA Sanctuary (In-Person or Online)

Monday, June 6th

9:30 AM

Festival Services – CAA Sanctuary (In-Person or Online)