Strategic Plan Goals


Goal 1: Secure strong and consistent rabbinic and educational leadership into the future.

Goal 2: Identify, recruit, and cultivate CAA members with a broad array of skills and talents from all age groups for lay leadership positions.

Membership & Member Engagement

Goal 1: Explore, and if appropriate, adapt and implement a dues structure that supports membership retention and growth and CAA’s financial goals. 

Goal 2: Increase CAA membership overall and among young individuals and families, in particular.

Goal 3: Increase member engagement and participation in CAA services, events, programs, committees, and volunteer activities with the goal of membership satisfaction and retention.

Religious Life

Goal 1: Maintain and offer religious services that appeal to and attract different segments of CAA membership allowing them to connect with community and Hashem, and sustaining the vitality of Shabbat at CAA.

Youth & Education

Goal 1. Increase family engagement

Goal 2: Make Judaism come alive through experiential education infusion.

Goal 3: Increase youth engagement.

Adult Education

Goal 1: Strengthen and make cohesive the structure of leadership and administration of adult education programming.

Goal 2: Strengthen and promote vision that guides programming.

Goal 3: Support current programming; develop/expand new programming.

Facilities, Security & IT

Goal 1: Fund, maintain, upgrade and update CAA facilities in a regularly scheduled, timely and efficient manner.

Goal 2: Keep CAA facilities safe and secure.

Goal 3: Increase use of CAA building by renting to outside organizations and providing catering services.

Goal 4: Maintain computer and network infrastructure technology and upgrade as required. Use technology to meet congregants’ post-COVID needs.


Goal 1: Define and implement an optimal, best-practice based organizational and operational structure.

Goal 2: Define and document synagogue operations, including all financial, planning, stewardship, catering process, events, buildings, grounds, and others.

Goal 3: Define content and format of and prepare monthly, end of year (EOY), and annual operational reports.


Goal 1: Develop an endowment plan and implement a campaign that will generate protected equity that spins off 15% of operating revenues to assure our future as a sacred community.

Goal 2: Develop and implement a fundraising staffing structure and comprehensive fundraising plan.

Financial Operations & Management

Goal 1: Articulate and follow financial processes and procedures; institute and institutionalize solid fiscal controls, monitoring, reporting and financial management, to implement smooth, accurate, and efficient daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial operations; maintain a high dues collection rate; and maintain and sustain organization-wide fiscal discipline and accountability.

Goal 2: Set and maintain CAA on a solid financial path by creating realistic budget that projects a “healthy” net income that will allow us to set aside a reserve fund.

Goal 3: Maintain and provide accurate, timely and comprehensive financial data and reports.

Goal 4: Implement a process and procedures to eliminate internal debt and assure timely allocation of payables to equity.

Communications & Marketing

Goal 1: Develop and implement an integrated communications plan that incorporates marketing, fundraising communications, member communications, and public relations and digital elements to further CAA goals.

Relationship With Campus & Community Partners and Israel

Goal 1: Strengthen our relationships with all campus partners in a way that benefits all organizations with regards to our joint mission to serve the Jewish Community including through the Education Building, campus security, and other joint interests.

Goal 2: Maintain alliances with other Jewish, religious and non-profit organizations that share CAA’s values and commitment to open dialogue and a fair, just and equitable society.

Goal 3: Instill and demonstrate love and support for Israel through prayer, education, visits, celebrations and commemorations.

To view the tactics identified to help achieve the goals of the various domains, please click here.