Dear CAARS Families,

The 5783 | 2022 – 2023 school year is here! As we head into this new year, we invite you to feel the joy that comes with deep, meaningful learning and discovery – the joy of being in a sacred community together. May we explore, collaborate, create, and grow together in new ways, with new and endless possibilities. Let us find inspiration in the timeless wisdom from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, “Always remember: Joy is not merely incidental to your spiritual quest. It is vital.”

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With much joy!

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2022-2023 Calendar

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CAARS Curriculum Goals

We look towards Austin Public Health for best practices at CAARS. Community levels will determine whether we hold classrooms indoors or in our outside classrooms. While masking is not mandatory, we strongly encourage and recommend following APH Covid-19 Risk-Based Guidelines Chart to help determine best practices for our community.

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CAARS Vision: The Why

We will joyfully engage learners with Jewish experiences and skills, inspiring them to lead an empowered, Jewish life.
CAARS Vision: The How

We offer an experiential model of education, which allows each learner to explore and discover meaning and identity through Jewish tradition and thought. We emphasize creating positive relationships, joyful learning, questioning, and critical thinking through hands on experiences. Our curriculum incorporates Hebrew language, Torah study, Jewish values, holiday celebrations, prayer literacy, learning about Israel’s history and culture, and more.

We come together with the understanding that we are ALL learners. We embrace our learners, seeking to build connections to history, community, and each other. We strive to “raise mensches” – preparing lifelong learners and active citizens of the world through a Jewish lens.


We work in partnership with families to foster excitement and committmentto all that Judaism has to offer, seeking to address the needs of our community, through personalized and inclusive learning.
CAARS Values: The 5 C’s

Culture: Learners=students and their whole families. Judaism begins in the home.
Community: “Raising Mensches” – building relationships with each other and the world, using social-emotional learning – growing emotional intellligence.
Communication: Transparent curriculum goals, student progress, and communication between school and home. Creating partnerships between home and school.
Curriculum: An intentional spiral curriculum to DO JEWISH, covering breadth and depth of Jewish literacy.
Choose Your Own Adventure: Inclusive and personalized education plans. Optional and add on programs, acivities, and more.

We are a proud ISJL Education Partner! 

Click here to learn more about the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL).

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