Dear Families,

Since arriving at CAA as Director of Education, it has been my goal to re-envision Jewish engagement and education in our community. We have spent this year learning together about our congregation, listening to thoughts and ideas from you to determine your needs. Through those conversations, as well as my work with a team of dedicated educators, parents, and leaders, together we have reimagined how we learn and grow as a connected community. Although this spring was unexpected, we continued to push forward to build a program that embodies all the values we heard from you.

Please take a few minutes to read through the details of our new program in the section “Vision, Mission & Values” below. To find out more about Fall 2020, please click the “Fall 2020” link below. Then you can browse here to learn in more detail about all the amazing changes we have made for this year and beyond.

We cannot wait to see our students and families back with us this fall!


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More About Our Curriculum Goals: