Open to 8th – 12th graders, our Madrichim program is our teen leadership program at CAA. Madrich/a translates as “leader” or “guide,” and we encourage the teens who serve as Madrichim (the plural of Madrich) to view themselves as guiding our students on their Jewish journeys. Being a Madrich/a enables our teens to develop communication, organizational, and teaching skills. Confidence, pride, meaning and a renewed passion for Judaism – that’s what this program creates for our teens. Because of the effort and care of our Madrichim, CAARS students become curious about their faith and find a place where they feel comfortable being Jewish.

Madrichim emphasize their commitment to their Jewish community through their continued involvement in CAARS and by passing on to younger students what they have learned. Our 8th grade participants can become M.I.T’s (Madrichim in Training)  and our 9th – 12th grade participants can choose what type of madrich/a they would like to be. Our most experienced 11th – 12th grade madrichim have the opportunity to co-teach their own class.

CAARS Madrichim and 8th grade M.I.T.s are compensated with either an hourly wage or community service hours. 

Our Madrichim learn how to build relationships, to care for students in need, to teach, and more. Our Madrichim:

  • Communicate regularly with their lead teacher
  • Prepare and teach lessons 
  • Serve as a positive role model, model Jewish values in the classroom
  • Lead small group activities and discussions 
  • Helping the classroom run smoothly
  • Assist students who need academic, social or emotional support. 
  • Tutor students in Hebrew (1-on-1)
  • Read stories, play games, and review classroom material
  • Provide a safe and loving environment for every student
  • Serving as a positive Jewish role model, showing our students just how much fun and meaning there is in Jewish learning and life!
  • Bring a sense of ruach (spirit) to the classroom and our community

Madrichim Positions

1. Senior Madrichim (11th – 12th Grade Only) [Sunday 9:00 – 12:00]
For CAARS Pre-K – 6th grade classes. Our most experienced madrichim have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and help co-teach a class. Senior Madrichim will work with a grade level lead teacher to prepare and teach lessons throughout the year. 

2. Classroom Madrichim [Sunday 9:00 – 12:00]
For CAARS Pre-K – 6th grade classes. Classroom madrichim work with their lead teachers to assist in the classroom and with the students. They will work to prepare part of a lesson by: reading a story to their students, facilitating an art project, or running a game or station.

3. Office Madrich/a [Sunday 8:45 – 12:00]
We are looking for one madrich/a to work with us in the office. Duties may include: staffing the front desk, answering the phones, taking attendance, transporting items or message, work with parents, and helping students.  Overall, they will be one of our friendly, welcoming faces at CAARS on Sunday mornings!


Madrichim are expected to:

  • Attend Staff Orientation
  • Be in regular (weekly) communication with lead teacher and Director of Education.
  • Attend at least 75% of classes. On a day that they cannot attend they must let their teacher and Director know in advance.
    • If you can only make part of the year/some of the weeks, we would love to still find a role for you. Please apply and chat more with us about this!
  • Be enrolled in and participate in your grade at CAARS Teens. 

Please reach out to Tammy Stone, if you have any questions or are looking for more information.

M.I.T (Madrichim In Training)

M.I.Ts are our 8th grade participants who are learning and training to become Madrichim at CAARS. Our teen leadership program provides a foundation for our teens to be successful in this important role. M.I.Ts learn how to model Jewish values, lead small groups, facilitate games, communicate with students, aid in classroom management, write lesson plans and incorporate Jewish topics.

M.I.T will work in a classroom with the support of a supervising teacher and at least one older, experienced madrichim. We will hold training sessions throughout the year.