What we stand for…

We believe that Judaism must be deeply meaningful and compelling, and responsive to the needs and concerns of our people and our world.

We believe in the power of a supportive community, engaging Torah, and passionate prayer; we believe that through connecting deeply with our sacred community, our inner selves, and God, we can be inspired to have a profound impact on the world. We learn about the Jewish commitment to social justice and then we put the words of our Jewish texts into action.

We believe that the intellectual, the emotional, and the spiritual are profoundly connected, and we strive to integrate them through prayer and study.

We believe in the vibrancy of Shabbat.  Shabbat can be a day like no other.

We dare to dream of a better tomorrow, and we work to create a better world for those who will follow us. Our eyes and hearts are open to the brokenness and suffering that exists both near and far, and we believe in our power to bring healing, making a difference on both a local and global level.

Our vision …

Congregation Agudas Achim is a group of people who come together in Austin, Texas, to connect with one another, feed their Jewish souls and connect with God.  Living in a dynamic, fast-growing city, we come from many places and bring our many talents and traditions. We cherish a connection with authentic tradition, prayer, and Jewish practice that is best represented by the Conservative Movement. We welcome newcomers; we honor our roots. We have grown by 100 families in the past two years and now number more than 613. We are led by Rabbi Neil F. Blumofe, our Spiritual Leader, who has been part of our family for almost 20 years.

Our key values …

Connection – A community that prays, eats and celebrates together.

Innovation – We try out several big new ideas a year. Some work, others make room for new ideas.

Egalitarianism – We’ve been fiercely egalitarian since the late 70s.

Partnership – The Board, professionals, lay leaders and our clergy work in close alignment for the benefit of the community.

Halakha and ritual – We still like the original Conservative idea – to live a life that is both modern and consistent with Jewish law and tradition.  It may not be easy, but we find the radical center is the right place to be.


  • of intermarried families – see more about our interfaith efforts by clicking here
  • of all community members, regardless of abilities – see more about our inclusion efforts by clicking here
  • of the newcomer