CAA Shows Up For First Responders

2020 has definitely taught us all the truth of the old saying: “Man plans; God laughs.”

Austin’s Emergency Medical Services has asked the community NOT to deliver home-baked goods for the holidays to stations.

Agudas wants to share our gratitude, not our germs, so please help us send thank-you notes to our First Responders– firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and medical personnel.

Please sign up to send one or two Thank You notes between December 15th and 20th. 

We’ve got the addresses and sample text. You just need to provide some paper, an envelope, and a stamp, and, if you want, a personal touch of your own — a child’s drawing, a story about how a First Responder helped you, etc.

Questions? Email us at:

Sign up by clicking here.

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