Offering Support to Israel

A Message of Solidarity For Those Defending Israel


Prayer List for IDF Soldiers and Reservists

We are assembling a prayer list of those with whom we are connected who are fighting against terror in Israel. If you have names to offer, please send them to (and let me know how you are connected). We will include these brave defenders of the people and the land of Israel in our daily prayers. 

Ways to Donate

IsraAID Emergency Fund


Magen David Adom

JFNA Emergency Fund Campaign

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

Leket Israel — The National Foodbank

HFLA: Hebrew Free Loan of Austin is expediting interest-free loans for those in the Austin Jewish community who have family or friends in Israel in need of financial assistance.  


Call on our local, state, and national governments to hold the terrorists and their supporters to account. This includes defunding all forms of support.  

Stay informed and show up.  

May those committed to dignity and those who choose life root out and neutralize those committed to destruction and savagery. May those suffering as captives quickly be returned home. May God protect our brothers and sisters in Israel and may we all know better days.

Am Yisrael Chai.


Let us learn the song, Acheinu. We are all connected. May we continue to show up for each other. Here is the English translation:  as for our family, the whole house of Israel, who are given over to trouble or captivity, whether they abide on the sea or on the dry land: May the All-present have mercy upon them, and bring them forth from trouble to safety, from darkness to light, and from subjugation to redemption, now and speedily in our time.  We will sing this song in our services. This version is sung by Cantor Daniel Mutlu or Central Synagogue, in Manhattan: