High Holy Day Playlists



As you get ready for these Awesome Days, here are HHD playlists curated especially for our community by Rabbi Blumofe, Rabbi Swedroe and Adra Lustig.  There is lots to choose from!  What are your favorites?


Rabbi Blumofe’s High Holy Day playlist


This playlist begins with traditional and inspiring cantorial High Holy Days music from the synagogue.  From there, anchored by Leonard Cohen, there are soulful selections that combine the themes of the High Holy Days with the music of Americana.  From there we travel into the world of jazz and Mizrahi (Eastern) Jewish sounds ending with a reimagined celebration of klezmer (Eastern European music) as we make our rounds of our diverse and beautiful world of Jewish music.   

Rabbi Swedroe’s High Holy Day playlist

A mix of high energy, young and young-at-heart-friendly tunes with slower opportunities to catch and connect with one’s breath. 

Adra’s High Holy Day playlist

Family friendly High Holy Day dance party playlist. Enjoy Jewish classics as well as contemporary seasonally thematic tunes. Get excited to celebrate together as a family!

A Piano Performance from the CAA Choir’s Audrey Menkes

From 1999 – CAA Adult Choir Selichot Performance

From 1999 – Kol Nidrei Performance by Hai and Paul Olefsky

Steven Long performs Psalm 23 – Acapella