Board of Directors News

Board of Directors Weekly Bulletin input

Submitted by Julie Van Keer, Board Secretary

The CAA Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, July 23 in the History Room. All congregants are welcome to come observe the meeting. If anyone would like to introduce a topic for the agenda, please contact our board president, Greg Yamin at no later than two weeks prior to the meeting. Agenda items for this month will include dues renewal status, office manager report, treasurer report, visioning committee report, facilities/operations report, and various committee reports. Please look to this section of the weekly bulletin next week for meeting summary.

High Holidays begin in just over two weeks from now! In an effort to prioritize and protect the benefits you deserve as shul members, we are making a strong effort to enforce this long-standing policy: Tickets will be issued only to members in good standing. Monthly statements have been sent to families who have debt of any amount that will slow down the renewal process. If you have any questions about your monthly statement, please contact our Treasurer Michael Williams at

News! The Board of Directors has formed a 5779 Finance Committee. We look forward to their expertise and leadership.