Board of Directors News

Posted 6/2/2021

Dear Agudas Achim community,

I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day weekend and have begun reconnecting with family, friends, and one another as our community continues to reopen.

I wanted to share with you an important resolution that the Agudas Achim Board of Directors has approved that highlights our values and our support for Rabbi Blumofe and Rabbi Swedroe in advocating for these values:

The people of Israel and Jews around the world are facing renewed terror, violence and hate from those who wish us harm. In these troubling times, Congregation Agudas Achim stands firmly behind Israel’s efforts and right to defend itself — and firmly against the growing anti-Semitism that has threatened our brothers and sisters in California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, London, Paris, and elsewhere.   

We are united with allies around the world against the violence and threats by those who wish the Jewish people and state of Israel to disappear. We strive for the resolution of disputes in the region so all residents may live with dignity and security. We call on government and law enforcement officials to do everything in their power to prevent crimes that target Jews and to prosecute those who commit them. 

As importantly, we stand with our clergy in their years-long, dedicated efforts to support Israel unequivocally against terror and to raise awareness about the threats that face the Jewish people and Jewish state. Together, we stand with Israel.  

We have posted this resolution on the CAA website and Facebook page. I encourage you to share it through your own social media channels to further bolster support for Israel and against anti-Semitism. 

Thank you for making us an unshakeable band of brothers and sisters. I look forward to connecting with many of you this coming weekend, either in person or virtually, at Erev Shabbat services, Shabbat Limud, our main Shabbat services on Zoom, our summertime lay-led Shabbat morning services in the sanctuary or at the CAARS mural project gathering on Sunday. 


Gary Susswein

Susan Klein