CAARS 7th Grade

B’nei Mitzvah is an important Jewish milestone on a path of lifelong Jewish learning and living. This celebration is part of the transition between childhood and young adulthood, and our CAARS program is designed to create meaning and strengthen community for our students as they make their way into the world as a Jewish adult. 

Learners on this journey are immersed in: a sense of sacred time, being an integral member of the Jewish community, being loved and cherished by one’s clergy and educators, answering the call to participate with “Hineini – Here I Am,” and of having a place of leadership within the Jewish community, well beyond becoming b’nei mitzvah. 

CAARS meets on Saturday mornings, 7th grade students will only attend on Saturday and will not have any Sunday class.  Gesher begins at 9:30 AM Saturday morning and continues through kiddush lunch, ending at 1:00 PM.