Yom Kippur Learning Sessions

Join CAA’s adult education team for a series of live learning sessions on Yom Kippur afternoon. Class schedule and descriptions included below. All classes will be held on Zoom.

To participate, please click here.

12:30 – Parents – Need Relief?  Yom Kippur Has Your Back!: Taught by Cheryl Hersh

Parenting is a challenge in the best of times.  During a pandemic, it’s even tougher!  Yom Kippur is the perfect time to let go of guilt and focus on what’s most important. How can we use the themes of this day to find greater connection?  How can we turn, and return, to our more ideal selves as parents? 

1:30 – “For the Sins that We Continually Sin … Year after Year after Year …” : Taught by Cathy Schechter

Are you bored with atoning for the same sins? It’s the little things that happen with those we love most.  The fuss over the remote control.  Nipping or sassing when we know it will lead to an argument. Rolling our eyes, half listening but not really. Insisting we are right when we’re not sure. In this session, we will look at how our tradition recommends the integration of mindful holiness into our daily lives, and what we can do to cultivate new ways of being so that next year we can hope to atone for something different!   

2:30 – Jonah as a Failed Prophet: Taught by Davida Charney

Did Jonah get the job done or not?  If not, why does he get his own book among the other prophets?  And either way, why did the rabbi’s choose Jonah to be the prophetic book read on Yom Kippur?  In this class, we’ll talk about what the job of the prophet is and find clues to the lessons Jonah is meant to convey.

3:30 – Mishpacha Museum: Taught by Stacey Glazer

With Yizkor being a primary theme of Yom Kippur, let’s share our memories of our loved ones who have passed on.  Bring a photo, an object, and/or a story of someone whose memory you would like to honor.  We will share with each other and record the session to share with the community and/or your families.

4:30 – I’m Right! No, I’m Right! Conflict Resolution in the Jewish Tradition: Taught by Larry Schooler

We may think of Judaism as the foundation of our criminal justice system, with judges and findings of guilt, innocence, or liability.  In reality, our tradition offers a much more nuanced understanding of how to resolve conflict—and the mandate for all us to grow into the role of “peacemaker.” Mediator and UT professor (and CAA’er) Dr. Larry Schooler will share several texts that help illuminate this side of our faith and invite us all to consider what peace we can make in 5781.