Since March, when our community began our adjustments for COVID-19, many of our congregants and friends began a sustained project: to periodically phone or otherwise communicate with each of our member individuals or families to wish them well. If there was a need, we made sure the need was filled as best we could by confidentially engaging the help of community volunteers and of our rabbis. Then, beginning more recently, we have launched a group of Lev Circles, small havurot that meet online. Sometimes volunteers agreed to do two or three types of tasks: calling, helping, and Lev Circle leadership, and their names are followed by two or three asterisks in the list below. The effort has brought our community members together despite challenges, and we are all the stronger for it. These initiatives are organized under the umbrella of the V’Ahavta subcommittee through Agudas Achim.

And, should you be interested in joining with the V’Ahavta effort, just contact Wendy Tomlinson at centerpoint0wbt@gmail.com, or call/text at 512 577 1516.

Many, many thanks to all who have lent their efforts to the projects. We are all hugely grateful to them. They are, in no particular order:

Sandy Sack

Kate Cook**

Talia Traub

Adina Traub

Frances Meltzer

Rose Schneier**

Aaric Eisenstein***

Jacqui Lappin

Debra Doliner

Susan Yee Klein**

Mitchell Susswein

Liora Susswein

Bettie Forman**

Lizabeth Von Hagel

Robin Davis**

Janet Makare

Lisa Brill

Sara Blatt

Amnon Orent

Pearl Kaplan

Ilene Pappert**

Esther Burnham

Sue Bilich

Etti Baranoff

Chris Aguero**

Sandi Neiman**

Robyn Croft*

Eliza Brown

Claudia Rodman

Amanda Booth

Esther Garcia

Robyn Shapiro

Sharon Krumholtz

Barbara Nehman

Carol Winters

Karen Chanon**

Tamara Aronstein**

Justin Aronstein

Natalie Weinstein**

Faustino Ybarra

Joe Steinberg

Diana Resnick

Niccol Graf

Eva Kelly Hall

Carolyn Austin

Audrey Timkovich**

Jake Winkelman

Michal Eshed***

Ginny Belofsky

Robert Cullick

Emily Thompson

Myrna Cohen

Heather Miller

Greg Sapire**

Karen Weisblatt

Kim Marcosfeld

Janet Marz

Mara Klein

Joshua Lawton-Belous

Jennifer Marshall**

Nora Lieberman

Jason Kulpe

David Goldblatt

Melanie Lewis

Terry Milman

Dana Winer

Joanne Senyk

Benji Becker

Sigrid Levi-Baum**

Aaron Waclawczyk

Ellie Samuels

Wendy Tomlinson and Paula Falk, Co-chairs of the Agudas Achim Chesed Committee