Support Our Shavuot Panelists

CAA is proud to partner with these great organizations to bring you the Shavuot panel, Ahavat Ger: Caring for People Experiencing Homelessness. We encourage you to learn more about these esteemed institutions and to support them if you are able. Information is included below.

Front Steps offers a continuum of services that help people transition from homelessness into housing. We have, for two decades, been selected by the City of Austin (via competitive application process) to manage the City’s downtown shelter, the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless/ARCH.

In addition to shelter services, Front Steps secures federal and philanthropic funding for programming beyond shelter operations. We expand our reach with in-kind donations to meet the needs of shelter and recently housed clients, volunteer hours, and strategic partnerships to meet essential needs. To support Front Steps, please click here.

Through the support of thousands of volunteers, Mobile Loaves & Fishes food trucks hit the streets of Austin 7 nights a week, 365 days a year to provide food, clothing and other life-sustaining items to homeless men and women who are struggling to survive. With more than 5.5 million meals served, MLF has grown to become the largest prepared feeding program to the homeless in Central Texas and has spawned similar food truck programs in other cities across the country. To support Mobile Leaves & Fishes, please click here.

The Other Ones Foundation is a nonprofit that offers extremely low-barrier work opportunities, case management, and humanitarian aid to people experiencing homelessness in Austin, TX.

We’re all about the marginalized. The vulnerable. Those “Other Ones” out there living on the fringes. We believe in the extraordinary value of every human life, and that everyone deserves to be fulfilled. To support The Other Ones Foundation, please click here.

Shalom Austin Jewish Family Service strengthens the community by empowering all individuals and families
through affordable and culturally sensitive social services to maintain wellness and dignity across the lifespan. 
JFS serves people regardless of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation. To support Shalom Austin Jewish Family Service, please click here.