Shabbat Experience

Youth Services

Tot Shabbat- in the History Room at 11:15 a.m. the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month with Ms. Carol and Rabbi Swedroe – includes singing, dancing, praying, and playing. This service is intended for our youngest community members and their parents.

Shalom Minyan- Shalom Minyan is an age-appropriate, fun Shabbat experience for K-6th graders, utilizing a variety of activities and teaching modalities.

10:50 a.m. – Nosh!
11 a.m. – Shabbat Experience
12 p.m. – Join sanctuary service to help lead concluding prayers

  • Grades K-3 in room 145 –A fun and exciting Shabbat morning! We will do fun activities based on the Torah Portion, sing prayers and songs together in ways that connect them to our lives, and enjoy sharing Shabbat morning with each other.
  • Grades 4-6 in room 147 – Each week will make a new prayer and the weekly portion relevant to our lives today! Reviewing the themes of the Shabbat morning service over the course of the year through games, activities and discussions will add new meaning to our tradition. Torah study, discussions and theatrical interpretation help the text come to life.

Shabbat Guidelines

Cell Phones and Electronics
We ask that you respect the holiness of this day and space by refraining from using any electronics, including mobile devices and cameras, within the building during and after services. Cell phone conversations may be taken outside the building.

Congregation Agudas Achim has no formal dress code. Our community is strengthened by members whose preferences range from casual to formal. We welcome guests from different traditions and upbringings.

To honor our sacred space, however, we ask that that girls and women cover their shoulders and wear appropriately-length skirts or pants and that all boys and men cover their heads by wearing kippot. Everyone must cover his or her head on the bimah.

Families and children
The energy at Agudas Achim is built, in part, on the spirit and passions of our youngest members. We invite all children and families to join us for services — and to bring that liveliness with them.

Children who are not attending services or any of our youth programs are invited to the quiet room at the rear of the sanctuary. Parents should always know where their children are in order to ensure their safety.