Passover Tips for Hosting Seder at Home

Each year, the Rabbinical Assembly prepares a guide outlining the ways to prepare a kosher-for-Pesach home. Read it here!

Seder Tips for Seders with our Sages

*Ask guests to write a question in advance (about Passover or otherwise) and email the host in advance to print them all out. Ask them throughout the seder and discuss.

*Ask different guests to prepare a teaching for the various parts of the seder – one person can find a teaching related to the four children, one person can find a teaching about charoset, etc. This will share the preparation, keep people engaged, and present different perspectives.

*Encourage guests to share different charoset recipes and different vegetables that can be dipped (ideally a week in advance) so people can expand/be more flexible with their food offerings.

*Check out The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Interactive Seder Experience. Some may seem simple, but the conversations that can come from them may surprise you.

*Play Seder Bingo by printing out a free game-card here: and have the leader call out various items from time to time. Use stickers so you don’t need to worry about game pieces getting knocked off the card. (If using this in a virtual seder, coordinate with guests so that not everyone has the same few cards)

*Check out The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Interactive Seder Experience. Be sure to look for the age recommendations in the top right corner of each activity to tailor it to your seder.

*Have your child(ren) create table decorations to beautify your seder table. Ask them to describe what they have done.

Seder Tips for Simple Folks & Ones Too Young to Ask

*Ask all the youngest children at each table (if there are multiple families joining virtually) to recite the Four Questions together.

*Expand on the Passover theme of telling stories by sharing a family story with your child(ren). See Moving Traditions for ideas on how to choose a story.

*Check out PJ Library for how to make your own seder plate, for a Printable Passover Story, and for a Question Catcher for children of different ages.