CAARS Learning Objectives

CAARS Learning Objectives















The Jewish values we teach our children

The CAARS instills in its students a love of being Jewish and an understanding of God. We feel this love is fostered through a comprehensive CAARS curriculum centered on Jewish values, Hebrew and Tefillah, and knowledge of our history. The curriculum develops Hebrew skills, prayer book skills and mastery of the following concepts:

Limmud Torah – Jewish learning
Tzedakah – giving to make the world a more just place
G’milut Hesed – acts of loving kindness
Kibud Av V’aim – honoring parents
Lashon Ha’ra – refraining from hurting others through speech
Emet – truth telling
B’kur Holim – visiting the sick
Tikun Olam – mending the world
Ahavat Yisrael – identifying with the Jewish people and the modern state
Ahavat Habriyot – a loving concern for others
B’tzelem Elohim – All humans are created in the Divine image and should be respected as such

Milestone Year Typical Time
Consecration marks the time when our congregation welcomes our youngest students to the beginning of their formal Jewish education. Kindergarten December
Kabbalat ha Siddur marks the public acceptance of our students of their responsibility to learn liturgical Hebrew and one day lead the congregation in prayer. Each child receives a “Sim Shalom” siddur. Third grade April
Kabbalat ha Torah marks the beginning of formal preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah. All children receive their own copy of the “Etz Hayim” chumash to prepare for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Sixth grade November
Bar/Bat Mitzvah when children reach an age where they become responsible for their own actions and may lead prayer and other services in the family and the community. 6th and 7th grades According to Hebrew birthdate
Bikkurim (First Fruits) signifying the first fruits brought to the temple as found in the Michnah and the Talmud. 10th grade Shavuot
Graduation 12th grade End of school year