Kol HaKavod


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Join the circle of key synagogue supporters who step up to pay dues-plus. Kol HaKavod means helping Jews in our community join or participate regardless of income. Kol HaKavod means providing CAA steady income, reducing the need for fund-raising.  Kol HaKavod also includes options for CAARS tuition, High Holy Day reserved seating and parking spaces, sponsorship for Shabbat Kiddush Lunches, and passes for CAA-sponsored events.


Magen David – $9,400

  • 5 HHD Reserved Seats
  • 2 Reserved Parking Spaces
  • Kiddush Lunch Sponsorship

Jerusalem – $7,800

  • 4 HHD Reserved Seats
  • 1 Reserved Parking Space

Ner Tamid – $5,600

  • 3 HHD Reserved Seats
  • 1 Reserved Parking Space

Chai Household – $3,900

  • 2 HHD Reserved Seats OR 1 Reserved Seat & 1 Reserved Parking Space

Chai Individual – $2,500

  • 1 HHD Reserved Seat OR 1 Reserved Parking Space


Kol Hakavod is Tzedakah – Additional funds raised through Kol Hakavod dues ensure that congregants can join CAA regardless of income.

Kol Hakavod Benefits our Synagogue – Your additional membership dollars support CAA adult education classes, family programming, monthly Shabbat dinners, weekly Kiddush luncheons, daily minyanim, and the wealth of programming CAA offers its members.

Kol Hakavod has Special Benefits for You – Kol Hakavod Membership Program offers an all-inclusive membership package, including Religious School tuition, reserved seating and parking spaces for High Holy Day services, and complimentary passes to CAA Family Friendly Shabbat dinners and CAA-sponsored programming.  See the enclosed membership form for details and benefits at each membership level.