USY Spring Kallah

The Youth Commission Needs You to Host!   

CAA is hosting the 2018 Spring Kallah for Jewish teens from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma!  We need some warm Texas hospitality from February 16th to the 18th.

Please read the Q and A below.  If you’re interested in hosting 2 or more teens for the weekend – please send us an email (see below).

Thank you!

The CAA Youth Commission.


  1. What are the dates for the Spring Kallah (AKA when will these teens be staying at my home): Friday, February 16 to Sunday February 18th.


  1. How many teens may we host? Glad you asked!  From 2 (minimum of 2 teens) to 8.  We are predicting about 80 teens needing housing for the Spring Kallah.


  1. Do I have to live within walking distance to CAA? No – you can host if you live in Cedar Park, south Austin, Round Rock, etc. but must be able to provide transportation to CAA.


  1. How much do I have to feed these hungry teens? They are teens after all!  You only have to serve them a cold dairy or pareve breakfast on Shabbat morning.  Snacks baked or given with love are optional.


  1. Does everyone need a bed? Is a sofa, OK?  What about the floor in a sleeping bag?  It’s fine for the teens to sleep on a sofa/sleeping bag on the floor, airbeds, etc.  You do not need beds for each teen.


  1. Can I host both male and female USYers? No – all host homes must be single gender.  When you fill out the required form to host from USY – one question will be how many people under 21 live in your household and what if they are female or male.


  1. What about transportation? How much of an Uber driver will I be during the weekend for my USY teen guests?  On Friday and Saturday night – you will be required to pick up your guests at CAA (most evening events end between 10PM and 11:30PM).  On Saturday and Sunday mornings (usually between 8AM and 9AM) – you will need to drop them off at CAA.    Nobody under 21 years of age can drive any teens to USY events and every participant must have a seatbelt. 


  1. What other information does USY need from me? Information such as pets, kosher/non-kosher, Shomer Shabbat, walking distance to CAA will be answered on USY’s official question form.  Once you decide to host – the CAA Youth Commission will THANK YOU and send you a link to the form.  USY will do all the matching based on your answers.  It’s all very exciting!


  1. Do I have to have any kids in my household to host? No!  If you’re an empty nester or have not/did not have children – get a reminder/taste of what it’s like to have teens in your home. J


See – it’s easy peasy and you’ll get to meet some fabulous Jewish teens from three different states while doing a very easy mitzvah.  Our Jewish teens need our support.

Do you have any additional questions?  READY TO HOST?  Please send the CAA Youth Commission an email at: