The Gates of Bravery (Valor) Open

How do we manage not shrinking from any threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain?  Do we see ourselves speaking up for what is right, even if there is severe opposition?  Are we able to access our convictions — and squarely face physical and nonphysical threat?

Psalm 23 teaches us — “though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no harm, for You are with me.”

How do we face up to our fears today?  How do we see ourselves being brave?  How do we cultivate our courage to act, especially if it makes us uncomfortable?
What are our biggest regrets — when we could have been brave and weren’t?  Reflecting upon these thoughts, what could we have done differently to pursue a different outcome?  Which times did we act with valor — perhaps surprising ourselves?
Get involved in something that moves you.  Today, speak out.  Intercede.  Take a stand.  Make something better.  Visit someone who is ill or home bound.  Record your story.  Contact a politician, a journalist, an organization, or someone in a position of determining your life and express your opinion about something that you care deeply.