The Gates of Creativity Open

Today, let us consider novel and fresh ways to approach what we ordinarily do. How do we conceptualize things, how do we see the big picture? Do we do things in certain ways because that is how they have “always been done?” Let us increase our original thinking and our ingenuity.

“Every time the Torah uses the phrase ki tov (‘and it was good’) in the narrative of Creation, it means that the phenomenon which has been so described is good for the creatures in the lower regions who saw that all of the acts of the creative process were good and did not contain a negative element.”
-Radak (1160-1235) on Genesis 1

How do we bring new eyes to deep-rooted questions? From where do we look for solutions?
It is said that Albert Einstein taught that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. How do we trap ourselves everyday as we go about our routine? What are we missing as we check our boxes of obligation and responsibility? How can an infusion of imagination — how can creativity — jolt us awake to suddenly see something new, something vivid that can transform us and set our lives aflame thereafter?

Take a few moments today to interrupt your schedule. Turn off the GPS and discover a new way to drive home. Read a short story. Stop what you’re doing and listen to music. Try a new recipe for Shabbat. Draw a picture. Pick up an instrument you once played. Anticipate what a friend needs and write a poem for them. Brainstorm new ways to organize your time and in consultation with dear friends, devise different strategies to increase joy in your lives.