The Gates of Prudence Open

How careful are we as we make choices, throughout the day? Do we consider ourselves to be risk takers? Are we ruled by our impulse? How often do we have to walk back or apologize for something that we’ve said in haste?

A person who strays from the paths of prudence will rest in the company of ghosts.
-Proverbs 21:16

In what situations is our judgment fleeting? When we see ourselves in a difficult spot, what do we summon (within ourselves or around us), in order to extricate ourselves? As we take our necessary step forward, do we rely on counsel, judgment, and decisiveness?

How often do we seek an adrenaline rush? Do we do so in a safe way, or do we put others at risk in our pursuit? Do we strive to live beyond our means? In an effort to please people, do we sometimes say yes, when we should say no? How driven are we by our passions? How stubborn are we after we’ve made a decision to not change our mind and alter our course, as we gain new information?

Before making a decision today, take a moment to breath, pray, or meditate for a moment. What big decisions are before you — are you able to ask God for guidance, and are you able to listen to an answer? Picture yourself on the other side of your decision — what is life like for you after that big purchase, or difficult (or impulsive) choice? What are your new responsibilities? Rather than relying on emotions or conditional responses, use critical thinking to settle disputes at home or at work today. Before the end of the day, pay any bills you can, and settle any debts. Beyond anything presenting issue, identify the core problem that is present. And after deliberation, make a decision concerning the issue.