The Gates of Loving to Learn Open

How do we make time to master new skills or explore new topics and areas of knowledge? How do we engage in learning whether on our own or as part of a more formal structure?

“Rabbi Meir would say: Whoever studies Torah for Torah’s sake alone, merits many things; not only that, but [the creation of] the entire world is for them alone. They are called friend, beloved, lover of God, lover of humanity, rejoicer of God, rejoicer of humanity.” -Pirkei Avot 6:1

So often we put an emphasis on learning facts, learning how to do something with a specific goal in mind – learning just for the test, so to speak. But when do we learn how to learn? How do we create opportunities to learn outside of a classroom?

How do we cultivate a practice of learning past anything that may be required of us? How can this learning create new moments of excitement and help us have a greater appreciation for the world around us? How can being in a community of learners help us develop a stronger sense of connection with one another?

Sign up for an on-going class or attend a lecture at CAA. Find a fitness class in which to participate. Learn a hobby, skill, or instrument by watching YouTube videos. Determine what type of learning will best keep you accountable and be adaptable for your schedule, whether it be online, a formal class, signing up with someone else, swapping teaching skills with a friend. Just as there are multiple topics to learn, there are a variety of ways to learn them.