The Gates of Leadership Open

What is the definition of a leader? Beyond our own needs, can we support a group to accomplish tasks, while at the same time maintaining good relations among group members? What do we want to accomplish, and how do we want to accomplish it? How often do we follow through on what we say we want to do?

“Do you think that I am offering you authority?” said Rabban Gamliel to two of his colleague who declined invitations to take on leadership roles, “I am offering you the chance to serve.”
-Babylonian Talmud Horayot 10a-b

While there are many types of leadership, how we make people feel is paramount. What kind of example do we set as we work towards our goals? Who do we encourage along the way? Who do we leave behind

Our moments are so precious — what are our goals? How do we include others in our tasks — do we build a team of willing participants everyday, or does our style lend itself more to coercion and intimidation? Where is our ego bound up and where is our need for recognition found in all that we do?

Volunteer for a short-term activity where you are not the one perceived to be in control. Empower someone else to make crucial decisions, and support them in the clarifying questions that you ask. Seek to be an open, authentic, and powerful influence in your conversations today. Meet someone where they are without bulldozing their position. What’s a problem in your world? What needs fixing? Today, dedicate your moments to being a solution to that which vexes you — beyond speaking about it, what concrete steps can be taken — and who else can be gently included — to make improvements?