The Gates of Hope Open

Are we able to believe that good will come? Can we sustain an optimistic mindset as we doggedly navigate our uncertain world?

And I shall always hope, and I shall add to all of Your praises.
-Psalms 71:14

How can we cultivate a mindset that expects the best out of a future, when we are so often conditioned to see the world in the exact, opposite way? How can we summon the strength to work for what we want the world to be, while at the same time, we brace for what is difficult or scary? When we celebrate, we do so in the name of l’dor va’dor — generation to generation — that our children — the next generation — will learn from our example and continue to strive to improve the world beyond any restraints

How much does our mood depend on what we read or watch? Can we develop a well-examined life outside of the expectations of others who are craving that we think and opine like them? Can we interrupt a herd mentality? Where do you go to get inspired and recharged? What gives us refreshment?

What are you looking forward to, today? What is one thing that you hope for for yourself, in this coming year? What are your hopes for your child, grandchild, student, or kid that you see down the street? What can you impress upon them that makes your day better? Keep track of all of the things that you say — especially when you are alone. How can this watchfulness improve upon what we will say — and thus, what we will think? Sing or listen to a song that uplifts you. Remind yourself of why you are doing the things that you get to do — and think about it that way — it’s not that you have to do them — it’s that you get to do them.