Cookies for First Responders

Photos from the Event

We were so glad to once again host our annual “Cookies for First Responders” event over the holidays. Our community baked and distributed cookies to hundreds of first responders and medical teams across ATX. Thank you to Sisterhood Agudas Achim – Austin for organizing this event!

Christmas Eve Cookie Project
Friday, December 24th

It’s back! After COVID interfered with our annual cookie delivery last year, it’s a delight to invite everyone to help us deliver cookies to first responders who work on Christmas as a way of saying thank you for their service. We deliver to hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and EMS stations.

Please join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve Day) in the CAA Courtyard. We need:

  • Lots of cookies — homemade, store-bought, whatever. Bring a dozen or two if you can.
  • People to help box the cookies.
  • People to deliver the cookies. You’ll deliver boxes to two to four first responder locations, all conveniently routed and mapped for you.

CAA will be following COVID protocols for this event. If you bake cookies, please wash your hands and wear a mask when handling them. Wear a mask to help box and deliver cookies and please follow any safety directions at your destination. We will have hand sanitizer and food-safety gloves for everyone who helps box the cookies.

This is a great project for CAA members of all ages, and a great way to acknowledge the work that all of Austin’s first responders do to keep us and our neighbors safe.

If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Austin at

Cookie Project FAQs

What exactly is this project?

For at least the last 20 years, Sisterhood has led our congregation in delivering cookies to first responders on Christmas to thank them for their service every day, but particularly on Christmas, when many would prefer to be with their families. We deliver to hospitals, nursing homes, and police, fire, and EMS stations.

What are the current COVID protocols?

We’ll be following the synagogue’s general COVID protocols. We strongly recommend masks for everyone, even though we’ll be outside. Some younger children are not able to be vaccinated yet and we want to protect our participants and our recipients. We’ll have hand sanitizer and gloves for everyone who touches the food or boxes.

Why are we doing this on December 24th, not December 25th?

December 25th falls on Shabbat this year, so we’re delivering cookies on the 24th to avoid conflict with Shabbat observances.

Do I need to RSVP?

Nope. Just show up.

Do I have to bring cookies?

No. We need lots of cookies, but if baking isn’t your thing, we can use your help with boxing the cookies, decorating the boxes, and delivering the boxes to first responders.

If I bring cookies, how many should I bring and how should I package them?

We need between 350 and 550 dozen cookies, so the more the merrier. Two to three dozen is a good amount. They don’t have to be homemade. You can bring them on trays or in bags—we’ll put the cookies out on long tables so that volunteers can select a variety for each box. Please consider bringing your cookies in a reusable or recyclable container.

We want to deliver to a particular location. Can we reserve a route in advance?

No. Experience has taught us that things happen that prevent people from showing up for a route they’ve requested in advance and then we’re left scrambling to find a volunteer for that route. That said, we have 80 delivery routes planned this year. You may not get your first choice of a route, but you’ll probably get a route.

How do you assign the routes?

First come, first served. We try to match people with an area of town they’re familiar with. We’ll ask where you want to go in very general terms (for example, southwest Austin or Round Rock) and see what’s available in that direction.

How do I know where to go?

We have printouts of the location(s) you’re delivering to and Google Maps directions to the location(s) from Agudas. You can also plug the address(es) into your phone or car navigation system.