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We are moving forward together in this unprecedented time. We have been working hard to strengthen our online capacity. As part of the values and mission of our community and our commitment to providing support, education, and engagement, we will be moving to a virtual youth engagement and education experience.

We are delighted to announce CAARS @ Home!

We want you to know that we continue to be here for you and your children over the course of this physical distance. If at any time, you or your children would benefit from some support or just want to feel connected, please reach out to us, Adra, Rabbi Swedroe, and Rabbi Blumofe. We are all available and will be happy to connect over the telephone or video chat.

May we continue to be healthy and strong together.
La’briyut and L’Shalom,

Adra Lustig
Director of Education



10:00 AM






10:30 AM






11:00  – 11:30 AM





11:35 AM








At Home Learning (On Your Own Time)

Watch! Read! Listen! Create! Play! Design! Sing! Share! Teach!

Each week, teachers will send home a packet of activity options to be completed during the week on your own time. These packets are meant to facilitate Jewish experiences at home for all members of the family. Some activities will be made for students to do on their own and some will be made to be done with grown-ups or as a family.

A folder of at home learning & Passover resources can be found here

Sunday Morning Zoom Class

Each week on Sunday morning, classes will meet via Zoom for students and teachers to interact. Zoom Meeting Log-in information  can be found above as well as on Google Classroom.

Sunday Morning Community Singing & Tefillah
11:00 – 11:30 AM

All members of the CAA community are invited to join us as we sing familiar songs and sweet melodies for our prayers. Led by Rabbi Blumofe, Ben Saffer, Adra Lustig, and other special guests!

Join URL:

Tuesday Afternoon Hebrew Learning
3rd – 6th Grades

Starting March 31, 2020 all 3rd – 6th grade students will be broken into small groups to practice Hebrew with a teacher for 30 minutes per week. An email with details about weekly Hebrew pods was sent to each family.

Tuesday Afternoon 7th Grade
Tuesdays 4:30 PM

7th Grade students will also have a 30 minute session with Rabbi Swedroe on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 PM.


Connecting Device:

Each student will need access to a computer, tablet (iPad), or smart phone with Internet access. If your child does not have access to a device at home, please email me at to let me know and we will make arrangements.

Google Classroom:

Teachers will continue to use and increase their use of Google Classroom to communicate with students and parents. Each week, teachers will post at home learning packets for students and facilitate communication between students using this platform. You will receive an email later this week with information for joining Google Classroom. Please make sure your Google Classroom emails are not going to your spam or trash folders. Please email Teresa if you are having trouble getting access.


Learn How to Use Zoom Here
For younger students, they will need grown-up assistance in connecting to Zoom classes and session.
Once you click on the provided URL for the meeting/class (Meeting ID) you want to attend, Zoom will ask you if you would like to download Zoom application or joining the meeting using your web browser. IMPORTANT: click on “Download and Run Zoom” and follow the prompts on your computer to install and run the app. The Zoom app will automatically download to your computer and open Zoom dashboard. From your App dashboard then click on “Join” button.

You will only need to install Zoom App once it once. Once installed everytime you join the meeting simply open the app and then enter the URL of the meeting in the Join the meeting field.

CAARS Facebook Page:

Join our community online! Connect with each other or get inspired to do something Jewish in your home everyday! Join our Facebook Page

Parent Email:

Parents will receive email updates from the CAARS office, teachers directly as well as through Google Classroom. You will also receive weekly at home learning packets vis these channels.

Student Email and Cell Phone:

We would love to be able to get in touch with our students directly if they have email addresses or cell phone numbers where we can contact them. We can send them updates and reminder throughout the week as well as set up socializing time for our kids to just hang out.

Please fill out this form to share your student’s contact information.

Video Recordings:

We will not be recording class sessions. However, we will be recording our weekly community singing and tefillah. If you do not want your image shared, please turn off video during this Zoom session.

caars @ home

In this time, please consider investing in the Support CAA During Covid-19 Fund