jtx – jewish teen connexion is a new joint Jewish educational program for teens in 8th – 12th grades created in partnership between Congregation Agudas Achim and Temple Beth Shalom. At jtx, our teens strengthen their Jewish identity and explore the richness of all that Judaism has to offer. Our goal is for our teens to become engaged and inspired lifelong learners, living a Jewish life guided by Jewish values and traditions shaped by a diversity of Jewish practice in pluralistic community.

jtx students take one core (grade level) class and one or more elective classes. 

jtx core classes will meet Sundays from 12:00 – 1:00 PM
(bring you lunch, its lunch n learn!)
8th Grade: Holocaust and Human Behavior We explore“Facing History and Ourselves” Holocaust curriculum which leads students through an examination of the history of the Holocaust, and fosters their skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement. By focusing on the choices of individuals who experienced this history—students are given a lens to thoughtfully examine the universal themes and questions about human behavior inherent in a study of the Holocaust. Taught by Jacqueline Fox
9th Grade: Modern IsraelWe will explore the various aspects of Israel’s history, society and culture and their impact on the founders’ vision for a Jewish state, as well as the challenges that Israel faces today.  Students will be introduced to the many facets of the land, the people, and the cultures of Israel. Taught by Sam Rosensetin
10th: ConfirmationOur confirmation class will explore the formation of Jewish identity. They will seek to find answers to many of our traditions’ deep and lingering questions:  How does Jewish history and our own American Jewish experience shape our identity?How do we reflect on our place in the world as Jews? How does Judaism provide a community based on shared Jewish values throughout your life? How do our Jewish texts provide guidance for us in our lives? In what ways can our Judaism teach us skills and strategies for making our lives more fulfilling? Taught by Robert Cullick and Sarah Abrams
11 & 12th: Jewish AdultingIn 11th and 12th grades, students participate in classes with our senior Rabbis, Rabbi Alan Freedman and Rabbi Neil Blumofe on Sunday afternoons. In these sessions, students and our clergy discuss issues ranging from sexuality from a Jewish perspective, theology, and preparation for being a Jewish adult on college campuses and beyond.

jtx elective classes meet Sunday afternoons at the following times:
Club Musika – Sundays, 1:00 – 2:00 PMSong Leading & Band “Club Musika” aims to connect 7th through 12th grade students to their Jewish identity through the medium of Jewish music and to enhance Judaic knowledge and leadership skills through Jewish music learning, performance, leading and teaching. Taught by Sara Kaye & Cantor Gostein
Modern Hebrew – Sundays, 2:00 – 3:00 PMMah koreh? What’s happening? Ready to learn to speak Hebrew? In this class you’ll get an introduction to conversational Modern Hebrew. We use games, songs, videos and fun exercises to learn and practice. You can learn a little or a lot, depending on your goals. If you did this class last year, don’t worry there’s still lots more to learn! Taught by Maya Fela
Mindful Action: Mussar for Teens – Sundays, 1:00 – 2:00 PMMindful Action:  How? Want to make a big tikkun olam? Let’s start small with what we know best: ourselves, our families, school and community.  In this experience, we’ll explore traditional Jewish tools to help connect us to our greatest strengths and learn skills to guide our energy to improve our focus and our relationships with others.  Join a soulful journey into the world of Mussar–a Jewish tradition that can help draw a map to our very best selves.  Don’t forget to pack a journal, a camera and an earnest sense of adventure.  One hour a week will make a difference. Taught by Cathy Schechter
World Jewish History – Sundays afternoons (TBD)Learn the big story of the Jewish people, starting from our emergence over 3000 years ago through many twists and turns of history all the way to today. When and how did the Jewish people come about? Did King David exist? Who wrote the Bible? From Masada to Rome to Napoleon to Austin or Tel Aviv today, what’s the connection? These are just some of the questions we explore in this class designed to help you understand the Jewish world beyond the synagogue. Taught by Michael Gostein
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