Heap High Holiday Honors on CAA Leaders

The Congregation will be honoring each of these individuals and groups with Aliyot during the High Holiday season.  Coming to the Torah during such a sacred time is itself an honor.  But the highest honor is inspiring tzedakah.  As the Talmud says,  “Tzedakah outweighs all other commandments.”

Accordingly you are invited to augment the honor with donations, with the goal of collectively raising $613 or more for each aliyah.

Please use the form below to make your contribution. You can also see a running tally of how much each Aliyah has raised to-date below.

Todah Rabah for your generosity!

Aliyah Fund Amount Raised
Rabbi Neil & Anne Blumofe $452.00
Rabbi Gail Swedroe & David Goodman $276.00
Dr. Harvey & Sandy Raben $280.00
CAA Staff $276.00
Daily Minyan Leaders $288.00
Sisterhood Board $448.00
Brotherhood Board $289.00
Hazak Board $66.00
Chesed Award Winner: Diane Radin $556.00
New Leadership Award Winner: Chris Agüero $506.00
CAA Board of Directors $193.00