The Gates of Teamwork Open

In our activities, do we do our share? Are we looked upon as a welcome addition to a project — and do we work well with a group? How much do we prioritize being socially responsible and being a good citizen?

Moses convened the whole community of Israel and said to them – “The seventh day shall be a day of complete rest.” Further, Moses said – “Bring from among you gifts to the Eternal One – everyone whose heart so moves them shall bring gifts.” Out of their deep desire to create something together, they eventually brought too much and Moses needed to cease the voluntary donations. So the people stopped bringing. Their efforts had been more than enough for all the tasks to be done.
-Exodus 35: 1-5; 36: 6-7

How do we determine when our individual needs are to be folded into the needs of something larger? As we prepare to gather Friday evening for Kol Nidre, we ask — what is the power of community — the power of this community — the power of praying together, and of asking for mercy and hope, together? Where does our trust reside?

How are we inspired by someone else’s insight, which enables us to further develop ideas of our own? What are we good at — as we add our skills to any situation? Getting recognition for our contribution is rewarding — how do we feel when we work together to solve something? What is the purpose of our project? Does everyone share that goal? Perhaps other people work differently and bring various strengths towards completing the same goals.

Study a prayer from the machzor with a friend — and as you do, engage in conversation about its meaning, its larger context, your understanding of the prayer and how it translates into your life. Show gratitude to another for their work in helping you achieve what you want. Pick a burdensome project today and do it together — a chore around the house, making dinner, washing dishes. With family, friends or co-workers, envision a project for the coming year, and develop a plan and regular meeting times, to work together to achieve your goals. Set up a jigsaw puzzle in a common space so that everyone can work on it together and separately. Invite your friends to join you in an Escape Room adventure. Join the Board of Directors of an organization that you support. Join an exercise group, a community band/choir or a relay team for a triathlon or a Tough Mudder race.