Purim 5783


Your presence is requested for the CAA 5783 Shushan Renaissance Purim Faire! An in-person gathering of fun fit for kings, queens, and everyone ages 0-120!

Monday, 6 March — EREV PURIM

6:30 pm: our youngest revelers and their families are humbly invited.

Our audience is children 8 and under, and their minions.

Entertainments by Ben Saffer, Jennifer Marshall and a royale clerical/theatrical troupe (including an interactive abbreviated chanting of the Megillah)

7:15 pm: Revelry at the Renaissance Purim Faire Commences!

CAA Sanctuary: Full Megillah Reading, Candy, Libations, Jousting, Entertainments, Costumes.

After Megillah Reading the Faire assembles in Ye Olde Social Hall for Merriment and (Mixed) Dancing

Tuesday, 7 March — PURIM DAYE

7:00 am: Morning Minyan Revelment

Full Megillah reading followed by a Seudah Mitzvah, a Festive Holiday Brunch

All are welcome — Serfs to Bards and Nobles.

7300 Hart Lane

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