A Day for CAA: For All of the Good That We Do

Win a Membership, Experience an Intimate Moment, Meet the Match

‘A Day for CAA: For All of the Good That We Do’

Highlights How Love, God, and Community Change Lives

Plan now to attend a unique 90-minute event on Tuesday, October 27, as community members recount how being a part of CAA has made their lives more whole and more holy. You will be inspired – you might even go away as the winner of a free 5782 membership to CAA!


This online fund-raiser — at 6:13 p.m., Tuesday, October 27 — is the ultimate “un-gala.” Come as you are to hear the straightforward stories from the hearts of more than 30 members of our community. It’s the last scheduled event of 2020 in our effort to meet the generous matching grant from the family of Reuben Kogut. When the CAA community came forward at Kol Nidrei to match the original $70,000 Kogut donation two weeks ago, the Kogut Family, with love, increased their gift by $10,000. It would be great to raise $90,000 to commemorate Reuben’s 90th birthday!

Funds raised are split between the General Fund for current expenses and Aytz Chaim, to fund permanent endowments that provide grants for congregants’ special needs.

Now, the Board of Directors has pledged a full membership, which will be won by someone attending the Zoom-based Day for CAA when it ends.  But everybody will win as they  experience emotional accounts of what connects congregants to the CAA community.  It’s a great way to learn what is important to your fellow CAA member.

More than three dozen members of the CAA Family explore: The hamish challenges of being a young family at CAA. The quiet pride of having three generations at CAA. What’s it like for John Sutton to cook bar-b-q chicken for CAA.  What’s the secret message of Goat Yoga? What’s it like to be the spiritual leader who brings two decades of b’nai mitzvah to the Torah? What’s it like to ride with the Brotherhood? How did the Monday Night Minyan Supper Club start? What is the quiet pleasure of being there for the bereaved or the sick? What can one see in the highly polished ritual silver that adorns our Torah scrolls?

Put A Day for CAA on your calendar. Grab some refreshments. Get ready to smile. We’ll have a phonebank ready to take your contribution, or go online here.

  • A Day for CAA: For All of the Good that We Do: Co-hosted for the first time by both the Board of Directors and Aytz Chaim, you will be able to contribute to both the shul’s immediate needs and its forever endowment at Aytz Chaim, which provides funds for educational, cultural and religious opportunities for members of CAA. There’s even an auction of art created by congregants. Click here to contribute early to A Day for CAA.

About the match


Reuben Kogut is a beloved member of our community. A past-president (1979-1980) and former chair of the Religious School, he served on several rabbinic search committees. He’s long been a go-to person for advice about the synagogue’s welfare. His wife, Estelle (a”h) “Etsy” grew up in the Congregation, and her father, the Reverend Tanenbaum, was its first spiritual leader. Etsy also held numerous offices including President of the Sisterhood, Co-Chair of the Torah Dedication Committee, President of Hadassah and Fundraising Vice President for B’nai Brith Women. She always had a smile on her face and a joke on her lips.

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