10,000 Faces FAQs

Q: Why is CAA commissioning a new Torah?

A: The experience of fulfilling the 613th mitzvah of the Torah is the obligation for every Jew to write a Torah scroll.  In the words of that commandment: “And now, write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel.”  It’s been about 20 years since CAA last wrote a Torah—almost a generation—and now our membership has nearly tripled to over 700 families.  So, it’s time once again to offer this wonderful experience to that next generation and to our new members, as well as renewing the experience for those who participated when we last wrote a Torah.


Q:  Will the Torah portion that I sponsor be exclusively mine?

A:  We read the Torah continuously, and it belongs to all of us.  Because there could be certain areas of the Torah that may stir an emotional connection to many of us, it’s possible that others may sponsor the same portion or part of that portion as you.


Q: How can I volunteer to help with a committee or to host a Torah Study?

A:  We need members to assist in most aspects of our teams, including marketing, fundraising, education, hosting meetings, and much more.  Please contact Cynthia Winer for more information at cewiner@gmail.com or 512-342-1024.


Q: I want to donate generously to the 10,000 Faces of Torah project, but I have a budget.  What are my options?

A: Your sponsorship of 10,000 Faces of Torah can be with one payment, or you can pay monthly by credit card for up to three years.


Q: How will the funds from this project be used for CAA?

A: As approved by the CAA Board of Directors, “10,000 Faces of Torah funds will be used as an endowment to enhance and deepen our Torah Learning and to guarantee that our sacred space will be maintained for generations to come.”



Q: What are the benefits of choosing the L’dor V’dor level of sponsorship?

A: By choosing the highest sponsorship category, L’dor V’dor, you are giving the highest level of support to secure CAA’s financial future.  This donation will grow our endowment basis, providing for our future.


Q: How long will this campaign last?

A: The process of writing an entire Torah takes about a full year.  This is to our benefit, as we’ll have the incredible opportunity to enjoy a year of Torah study, gathering in groups at CAA, as well as at people’s houses, to study together and share insights.  During this time, we’ll all have a chance to visit with our soferet on four occasions, so that she can engage our learners of all ages in study.


Q: What are the goals for the 10,000 Faces of Torah project?

A: 10,000 Faces of Torah has several goals:

  • Learning: this project provides us with several additional opportunities to study Torah.
  • Community participation: we’d like to see 100 percent participation from our CAA family to help write this new Torah, fulfilling the 613th Mitzvah.
  • Financial: we will establish an endowment that directly supports the future of CAA for our children and grandchildren.


Q: How can I make a donation or ask further questions?

A: You can make donations online at the 10,000 Faces of Torah page on the CAA website  by clicking here or by contacting any member of the committee directly.

10,000 Faces of Torah Committee

Sara Blatt: sblatt@austin.rr.com : 512-762-8265

Neal Blauzvern: paindoc54@yahoo.com : 512-918-0515

Evan & Lindsey Gremont: evangremont@gmail.com : 512-517-6217 /

linny2777@gmail.com : 512-897-7069

Fred Helms: fred.a.helms@gmail.com : 512-963-0925

Karen Frost : – Karen@KonnectFor.com : 512-423-2406

Joe Steinberg: joe.steinberg@gmail.com : 512-944-2276

Cynthia Winer : cewiner@gmail.com : 512-342-1024